Maps Magazine issue #2  is available in 68 pages paper version. 





Bookshops / Galleries


Camera / (Torino, Italy)


Jest / (Torino, Italy)


Foto Gang  / (Milano, Italy)


Leporello / (Roma, Italy)


Officine Fotografiche / (Roma, Italy)


LO.FT Locali Fotografici / (Lecce, Italy)


Magazzini Fotografici / (Napoli, Italy)


Il Cerchio dell'immagine / (Reggio Calabria, Italy)


Spazio Labò / (Bologna, Italy)


Altrove Gallery / (Catanzaro, Italy)


Choisi bookshop / (Lugano, Switzerland)



Maps Magazine is available to be read and browsed at: 


the library of Milan's Triennale (Milano, Italy)


the library of Townhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt)


the library of Minimum (Palermo, Italy)


the library of CRAC (Lamezia, Italy)


Palazzo dei Cartelloni and the SACI Worthington Library (Firenze, Italy)


the library of Officine Fotografiche (Milano, Italy)


  *Maps Magazine issue #1 is SOLD OUT